Travel Related Baby Names

Are you looking for unique travel baby names? For all of the wanderlust mothers out there we've put together a list of 50 cute baby girl names based on all things travel!

  1. Olympia (city in Washington)
  2. Adelaide (city in Australia)
  3. Brighton (city in England)
  4. Valencia (city in Spain)
  5. Capri (island in Italy)
  6. Brooklyn (city in New York)
  7. Aspen (town in Colorado) 
  8. Atlas (collection of maps)
  9. Verona (city in Italy)
  10. Amendolea (city in Italy)
  11. Rio (city in Brazil)
  12. Florence (city in Italy)
  13. Siena (city in Italy)
  14. Victoria (British Columbia/country in Oceania)
  15. Kensington (district in London, England)
  16. Polaris (name of the North Star)
  17. Thames (river in England)
  18. Alba (sunrise in Italian)
  19. Nova (for Nova Scotia)
  20. Dallas (city in Texas)
  21. Hudson (river)
  22. Sydney (city in Australia)
  23. Aurora (northern lights)
  24. Shannon (longest river in Ireland)
  25. Milana (means dear/beloved in Russian)
  26. Journey
  27. Arizona (US state)
  28. Savannah(city in Georgia)
  29. Cairo(city in Egypt)
  30. Bolivia (country)
  31. Barcelona (city in Spain)
  32. Andria (town in Greece)
  33. Greena (place in Denmark)
  34. Dakota (state in US)
  35. Austin (city in Texas)
  36. India (country)
  37. Athina (city in Greece)
  38. Nile (river in Afria)
  39. Sahara (desert)
  40. Lucca (city in Italy)
  41. Drammen (city in Norway)
  42. Tierra (land in Spanish)
  43. Demi (shortened for Denmark)
  44. Terre (Cinque Terre in Italy)
  45. Nahanni (National Park and river in Canada)
  46. York (New York)
  47. London (city in England)
  48. Aussie (Australia)
  49. Sedona (city in Arizona)
  50. Sofia (city in Bulgaria)

If you still haven't found the perfect name consider a shortened version like the following:

Milani - rather than Milan 

Roma- rather than Rome 

Veni - rather than Venice 

Rona- rather than Verona

A cute baby name that means something near to your wandering soul can be found from inspiration all over the world. Think back to your favorite trip and some of the places you visited along the way. 

A little Greek mythology: Adiona is Abeona's partner in Roman mythology, referred to as the Goddess of Safe Return. Together, these two travel deities watch over travelers, Abeona on the departure, and Adiona on the return.


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