Elle Gee's Story 

I was shy and had no confidence. I was fresh out of college and in a role that required me to work with employees twice my age who had no interest in what I had to say. I slowly lost interest in the career I had chosen just as my boss was losing interest in me. I wanted to travel the world and gain the confidence to stand in front of the crowd and share my experiences with everyone around me. I admired all of the travel “influencers” who showed up in my feed every day and wondered how they could be so lucky. One day I thought why can’t that be me? Why can’t I live a life I actually enjoy exploring new places? So I decided to create my dream life and to write myself into it. I wanted to live a life of travel and fashion so I went to work and opened YOU ARE THE PINEAPPLE, which is a clothing store dedicated to helping others live out their destination dream lives and feel confident doing so.

All of the clothes in YOU ARE THE PINEAPPLE’s boutique were selected with travel in mind. A collection of travel leisure and resort wear. A collection of clothes to help girls stand out and gain confidence. YOU ARE THE PINEAPPLE wants to help you plan your Insta worthy vacation and get you one step closer to becoming a world traveler.


elle gee you are the pineapple clothing store