Elle Gee's Story 

Hi! My name is Elle Gee, and I own a travel lifestyle clothing company called YOU ARE THE PINEAPPLE. I live in the middle of a big city in the US, but I have always dreamed of traveling the world. I started my career working in the corporate world, and I guess you can say the fluorescent lighting and cubicles just got to me. I didn’t want that to be all my life was about for the next 40 years. I wanted to create a life full of much much more and to be inspired by others who have taken the plunge and done the same. Now I’m not telling you to quit your day job, because I actually didn’t, and although the idea of packing up everything and moving across the world seems amazing in theory, I don’t think it is quite that simple long term. What I did instead included creating a life that allowed me to live my dream life without being entirely reckless, which is what brought me to building YOU ARE THE PINEAPPLE, a clothing store for dreamers who want the opportunity to escape their lives for a while and go on countless adventures all over the world. I make an effort to travel as often as I can, while still staying grounded in my everyday life so that I don’t go crazy and feel like I missed out on anything at all. We all deserve to take a few risks and incorporate as many adventures in our lives as humanely and realistically possible so join me and learn how you can create your own dream life without making any drastic life altering decisions.

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