The 70's Road Trip Dress


This dress is for the girl who rides wild along in the world looking for something new to try. She's not afraid to book a trip at the last minute because she knows she's going somewhere fun. She's the type of girl that everyone loves, a summer girl with long hair. You wonder how she affords to hop all over the country, but you don't blame her because she's so sweet. At this point, you're ready to join her because you want in on the wild ride. You'll need a cute dress to keep up with her style, and we've got just the one. The 70's Road Trip Dress is for the girls who live out of their suitcase and roam free. 

"I don't care how long it takes me, but I'm going somewhere beautiful."

Plan your next road trip and bring us along. 
This dress would great against an old retro building or field of sunflowers.


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