Elle just booked her next big flight. She explains how she and her fiance have always wanted to travel to Italy and tour the country via old country vineyards and wine tastings, as they both share a devout love for the beverage. She’s planning to launch a new collection surrounding the trip. Let’s Fly Away to the Italian Countryside. She describes how she selects pieces for her store by imagining the scenic background they would pair perfectly within her mind. You can see this first hand by reading the product descriptions of each product listed on her website. She takes the time to teach her customers how to get the proper aesthetic frame to nicely fit their clothing for the perfect Instagram photo, very similar to pairing wine with food, she laughs.

Elle wasn’t always a world traveler; in fact, her first trip out of the country was at the age of 22. She spent her entire childhood longing to see the world. As soon as Elle saved up the money from her first job in the corporate world, she booked her first Caribbean trip to visit a friend interning in Jamaica. After spending days chatting with locals and understanding how they lived their lives, she knew she had officially caught the travel bug. Returning home, she wondered how she would make travel a priority in her life when she felt stuck in the corporate world of human resources. She wanted to share what she learned with everyone around her, teaching them about this fascinating culture.


As each day of her 9-5 went by, her desire to leave that world and travel grew. She explored various career opportunities which always came back to one critical problem, no flexibility to travel. She quickly became drawn to the idea of starting her own company and building her own dream life.

She was a very shy child and felt that the best way to express herself, was through her clothing. She needed to find the right style to match her true identity and let the world know who she was deep down. She wanted to find a collection of clothing that she could wear year-round that matched her love for the world and exploring new places.

It wasn’t long before she put two and two together. She wanted to create a life that would allow her to travel the world in style. Instead of seeking out a career that will enable her to get paid to travel, she decided to build her own. She opened YOU ARE THE PINEAPPLE, a store for girls who love to travel and want to learn how to make travel a priority. Now she helps girls all over the world, get over their fears, discover their beauty, and build a life they love.

“I think it is so important for girls to find a way to add more of what they love into their life, whether that is spending more time incorporating what you love into your weekends or building a career around it, it is so important to prioritize your wants, needs, and dreams and make them a reality,” she explains.

“Once you do that, you can work on building your influence and inspire others to do the same. We live in a social world, where anyone can build their influence and choose to use it to make an impact. The world needs more girls who can make a difference around the world, each place they go. Spread positivity, give back, and inspire others. It’s not about how many people are following you, but how many people you have impacted.”

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