Sun, Sand, and Sea Dress


This is for the girl who loves feeling free. She's cute, she's fun, and she always has fun. Her calling is definitely at the beach, but she's makes the most out of everywhere she goes. This is why she's always on the hunt for a cute dress to make her look at the bright side of life. A dress she can wear and feel good as she cherishes the memories she makes traveling and knows she'll be back again soon. Buy this dress now to add a little good into your life, it makes the perfect white mini dress for graduation!

"Dear beach, I think of you all the time"


S 2-4

M 6-8

L 10-12

What are mini dresses? 

They are tight, short dresses that often come up to about mid-thigh length, but  sometimes a little higher. They can be worn for a number of different occasions and are the perfect dress for the summer heat. 

Are these tight dresses in style?

Yes, these dresses are often worn as club wear but also can be worn as casual mini dresses. They can be found all over Tik Tok as girls are getting ready to party or head to the beach. 

Where to buy mini dresses?

If you're looking for mini dresses for women, YOU ARE THE PINEAPPLE has what you need. Our summer mini dress collections includes white, pink, green, yellow, and more styles to fit all your party needs. 

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