Girls Love Travel Romper


This girl is a flower child. She doesn't like to be told where to go, what to do. Her path is her choice, and nothing anything else says will change that for her. She believes in who she is and doesn't need approval. She knows everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. She loves the Girls Love Travel Romper because it makes her feel free just like her spirit. If you're looking to set your own rules and follow your own path, consider adding this romper to your cart and breaking free. 
"Make sure your soul's shinin, your hair's blowin, and your heart's givin"
A flower print romper featuring smocked waist, ruffled cami straps and ruffle hems. Has two-way cami straps that can be used as off-the-shoulder romper. This romper is made with light weight fabric that has very beautiful flower patterns. Soft, drapes well and stretches very well.
Fabric care
100% Rayon

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