I Am Miss Adventure Romper


Let's talk about how you're ready for something new in life. You're the kind of girl that gets bored easily, and doesn't want to be tied down. You hate being stuck indoors and are ready for an out. If this is true, it is time to start planning for something fun, and by fun I mean really fun. Like book a flight to a new country fun. You are craving something thrilling and ready to make it happen. You deserve it, and this cute romper deserves to go with you. It makes the perfect getaway outfit for an easy effortless look. Let's get on Pinterest and start brainstorming a cool trip, add this romper to your cart, and book that flight! 

"All of the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport."

Model is 5'4 wearing a size small. 

60% Cotton 40% Polyester

Check out the Best Places for Adventure Seekers Blog for some fun trip ideas!

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