Traveler Pursuit Dress in Light Blue


Let's go ahead and plan your next trip. First you'll want to pick a destination, I suggest somewhere warm and has a beach. Maybe throw in some cute boys working by the pool? I'll settle for a handsome bellhop. Next we'll want to plan your wardrobe. This Traveler Pursuit Dress is a must, duh. Now we'll move on to a cute cover-up, might I suggest this Kimono? Okay now that that is squared away, you'll want to make sure you pack light. Here is a blog I wrote with some tips. And now it is time to book! Click add to cart now and get this plan into action :) 

"Don't let dreams be dreams."

This dress is perfect for the traveler who dreams of exploring the world. The Traveler Pursuit Dress looks stunning against a vivid blue skyline or sandy shore. 


Hand wash cold.

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